Our contract

When making an appointment with me to tune or repair your piano, whether by phone, text or email, we are making a contract.

What you can expect of me…

I will be as prompt as I can and try to phone you if I might be more than 20 minutes late.

All appointments are made through the 10to8 booking system which will send a confirmation email or text. If I have your mobile number, a courtesy reminder text (through10to8) will be sent one hour before the start of the appointment.

A tuning generally takes from 1 to 1½ hours depending on how out of tune the piano is. I will always endeavour to maintain the highest standards regardless of the quality of your instrument.

I abide by the PTA Code of Conduct and I am fully covered by Public Liability Insurance of £5m.

Enhanced DBS Certificate holder.


…do not forget the appointment. If I arrive at the appointed time and find no one in, I will wait for 20 minutes before leaving an invoice for the full amount. This is in keeping with many other self-employed professionals.

If you do have to cancel or change an appointment, please give sufficient notice, enabling me to reschedule my diary.

A quiet environment is conducive to a good tuning.  Televisions and washing machines can be distracting.

Bear in mind that I need to remove the casework to access the inside of your piano. It would be helpful if the top of the piano is cleared before my arrival.

Thank you!