I tune stringed keyboard instruments including grand, upright and square pianos, harpsichords, clavichords, and spinets. The default tuning is Equal Temperament but other, historical temperaments can be tuned on request. I tune to concert pitch (A440) and regular tunings will maintain your piano at this pitch. Other pitches can also be tuned if required.

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Although many repairs can be done in situ, I am able to offer a workshop repair service that includes minor action or key work and some reconditioning and restringing. For more major repairs and restorations I have excellent relations with some of the most well equipped workshops in the country.

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Whilst the default tuning is Equal Temperament, I can tune other, historical temperaments which may suit certain older types of piano – square pianos in particular.

I will tune to A440 (concert pitch) unless the piano is unable to take the tension. If you have a different pitch requirement please ask.

When tuning a piano I am constantly checking the action to ensure that it is working efficiently. I will make adjustments to the regulation as I proceed with the tuning and, where appropriate, will advise on any further work needed to improve the responsiveness of touch.

I have tuned aurally (that is, without any aid other than a tuning fork) since I started my training in 1979. However, Electronic Tuning Devices have improved dramatically over the last few years and I now use a combination of aural tuning together with the Verituner. This precision software enables a tuner to produce a good scale and octaves and more accurate pitch raises on even the most difficult of pianos than is possible tuning by ear alone. Professional software does not, however, enable an amateur or poor tuner to produce acceptable results. Setting the pin and achieving good unisons still requires traditional skills which can only come with proper training and years of experience.