Prices and Frequently Asked Questions

In the drop-down sections below I have sought to set out the answers to the most frequent questions I’m asked about piano tuning. Please have a look through. If you have more technical questions, or would like to know more, click HERE to see some specific articles on piano tuning and related subjects or contact me directly.
How much will it cost to have my piano tuned?

Fine Tuning…£90

Fine Tuning with Pitch Raise…£115

Major pitch raise of a semitone or more…£125

Prices include minor repairs and adjustments to the action, keys and pedals.

For locations outside the Cambridge area, an extra travelling cost of £5 – 10 may be incurred.

Please note that these prices are only an estimate, not a quote, for tuning or repair without having seen the piano first.

How soon can you tune my piano?

I try not to book too far in advance; however, demand is high and it may be 4 to 6 weeks before an appointment is available. I work Tuesday to Thursday only but I have colleagues who can step in at other times. First appointment of the day is normally 10:00, last appointment is 4:30. Have you just moved the piano? If so, remember it will need to settle for a week or two before tuning.

Which areas do you cover?

An approximate 15 mile radius of Cambridge. Further travel will incur an extra fee to cover mileage costs.

Cambridge, Saffron Walden, Royston, St Neots, Huntingdon, Ely, Newmarket, Bishop’s Stortford.

Why does my piano need tuning?

Because tuning restores and maintains your piano to its optimum playing performance, improving the tonal quality of each individual note and the piano as a whole. Changes in humidity and temperature, seasonal changes,  and the passage of time will inevitably put your piano out of tune.

How often does my piano need tuning?

Ideally, every six months or a minimum of once a year. Some pianos require tuning more often, especially when they are new and the strings are still “stretching”. It very much depends on the individual piano and the conditions under which it is kept. I can advise on the best frequency for your piano. I use the online Tuning Reminder service provided by the PTA (this will generate automated email reminders) to help enable you to receive regular tunings and the 10to8 booking system to send courtesy reminders of our appointments.

Can you repair sticking keys?

As a qualified and experienced tuner/technician, I carry sufficient tools and materials to undertake most running repairs, from sticking keys or squeaking pedals to broken strings and loose hammers. I can maintain your piano to its full potential.

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